Review Process

Objectives of the FSC Plantations Review:

  • To engage social, environmental and economic stakeholders in an international review of the implementation of the FSC Principles and Criteria in plantations, and to provide clear guidance for their future implementation, with the broad support of the FSC membership;

  • To provide for the benefit of the global community, clear, authoritative and widely accepted social and environmental standards for responsible plantation management.

Review Process:

The FSC Plantations Review is a two-phased process. In the policy review phase - which began in March 2005 - the deep, underlying policy issues were identified and their solutions debated by a Board-endorsed Policy Working Group of northern and southern representatives of each FSC membership chamber. The policy review phase was completed in March 2007 when the FSC Board of Directors approved the final recommendations of the Policy Working Group for next steps in the technical review phase.

Now, in the second phase of the review, teams of Technical Experts will help to further develop the policy recommendations into practical handbooks, guidelines, and online tools and resources to assist forest and plantation managers to comply with FSC's social requirements and best environmental practices. Technical Experts will also support the upcoming review of the FSC Principles and Criteria, providing input to the discussions of the Working Group that will be set up for this purpose.


Policy Review Phase
Sept 2004
Launch of FSC Plantations Review
Feb 2005
Establishment of FSC-balanced Policy Working Group and beginning of Policy Review Phase
FSC Plantations Review News and Notes - Special Issue
March 2005 - Sept 2006
Identification of key issues and stakeholder concerns regarding plantation certification
November 2006
Final recommendations of Policy Working Group for the Technical Phase of the plantations review approved by the FSC Board of Directors (44th meeting, Bonn March 2007)
Technical Review Phase
April - July 2007

Establishment of Technical Expert Teams for Technical Phase of Plantations Review

August 2007 - Sept 2008

Development of practical guidelines and tools to assist plantation and forest managers in meeting FSC requirements

Collaboration of Technical Expert Teams with FSC Principles and Criteria Review Working Group in relation to policy review recommendations

Please refer to Consultation Section of FSC website

General Assembly 2008

Final guidelines and tools for forest and plantation managers presented at FSC General Assembly

Proposed changes to FSC Principles and Criteria in relation to policy review recommendations presented to FSC General Assembly for vote by membership

to be circulated and posted here as available


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