FSC Documents:


Stakeholder - Submitted Discussion Papers for the Plantations Review:
The following papers were submitted by various groups, organizations and individuals. These are not FSC documents. FSC is posting these documents to provide a space for stakeholders to share their thoughts and suggestions during the plantations review. If you would like to post a document in this space, please send an email to

World Rainforest Movement - Bulletin: FSC's Plantation Certification Review
Dovetail Partners Inc. - Fast-Growth Tree Plantations for Wood Production Environmental Threat or a Means of "Saving" Natural Forests?
National Wildlife Federation (USA) - Possibility of Plantations

Richard Z. Donovan - Personal reflections on plantation certification and stakeholder consultation

Chris Lang - Plantations are not forests
World Rainforest Movement - Smartwood's Certification of the Forest Industry Organisation in Thailand
Timberwatch Coalition – Report on plantations in Swaziland
American Lands Alliance - Suggestions For the FSC Plantations Review
ForestLore Consulting - Environmental Issues in South African Plantation Forestry
Friends of the Earth - Hancock Plantation
Friends of the Earth - Tree Trouble
Indonesian Pulp and Paper Association's Perspective on FSC's Policy on Certification of Plantations
Institute for Marketecology (IMO) - Review of FSC Plantation Policies
National Wildlife Federation - FSC Certification of Plantations: A Discussion Paper
New Zealand Plantation Forest Industry - Position of FSC Principle 10
Ricardo Carrere - Some observations from a FACE plantation in the páramo (Spanish)
Roger May - Key Comments for the Plantations Review
Timberwatch Coalition - FSC Certified Plantations in South Africa
The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds - FSC Plantations Review Discussion Paper


Plantations Review Meeting, Bonn-Germany, September 9, 2004 - Presentations and Other Resources:

Welcome, Introductions, Aims of the Meeting:

- Heiko Liedeker, FSC Executive Director

FSC and the FSC System:

- Matthew Wenban-Smith, FSC Policy and Standards Unit

Plantations Facts and Figures:

- Prof. Gary Bull, University of British Columbia , Canada

An Overview of the Current FSC Plantation Portfolio:

- Adam Paulsen , FSC Policy and Standards Unit Intern

Concerns over Current FSC Certification of Plantations - an NGO Perspective:

- Ricardo Carrere, WRM

- Saskia Ozinga, FERN (unavailable)

FSC Certified Plantations - the example of Klabin:

- Carlos Jose Mendes, Forestry Manager, Klabin Brazil

The FSC Plantations Review - Proposed Process:

- Anders Lindhe, FSC Facilitator

The Future of Plantations - An Environmental Perspective:

- Grant Rosoman, Greenpeace , New Zealand

The Future of Plantations - A Social Perspective:

- Jaime Levy, Altropico, Ecuador

The Future of Plantations - Industry Perspectives:


- Colin Maunder, Kaingaroa Timberlands, New Zealand ;

- George Asher, Lake Taupo Forest Trust , New Zealand

The Future of Plantations - An International Policy Perspective:

- Jim Carle, FAO


This page will be updated with resources and background documents as the review progresses

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