Principle 10

Certification of plantations was included in the earliest discussions of the Forest Stewardship Council.
A draft set of Principles & Criteria for Plantations was circulated at the FSC Founding Assembly. Later, the FSC Board of Directors agreed that FSC Principles 1 - 9 for natural forests should apply to plantations as well, with additional criteria for plantations (Principle 10).
1994 - 1995
Consultations and working group meetings on Principle 10.
December 1995
A final version of Principle 10 was sent out for a membership ballot and approved by the FSC membership. Of the 100 FSC members at that time, 78 voted and 4 abstained. The weighted vote (balancing North and South social, environmental and economic votes) was 89% in favour of P10.
February 1996
Principle 10 was formally adopted by FSC at the 8th meeting of the FSC Board of Directors.
January 1999
Criterion 10.9 was added as a result of work on the revision of FSC Principle 9.
May 2002
Draft FSC Plantation Policy developed.
November 2002

At the 3rd General Assembly, FSC members passed the following motion:

"The current version of the FSC Plantation Policy Draft (30 May 2002) is not clear enough and needs improvement. After a broad consultation with the membership within 18 months the revised Plantation Policy should give concrete guidance on the interpretation of P10."

Voted by ballot. Votes in favour: 75.30%. Votes against: 24.70%. Passed.

September 2004
The FSC Plantations Review was launched at an international stakeholder meeting attended by over 100 participants from around the world, in association with FSC's 10th Anniversary and Annual Conference.



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